Friday, May 13, 2011

COACH Beach Shop Collection: Beach Bags With Class

Overall I thought the collection was cute.  I wasn't as thrilled as I had hoped to be, but it's still a nice collection.  I think it's the shells and stuff that make the the bag look a little cheap to me.  Another thing is, I know it's a "beach" collection, but I don't think that I'd allow my Coach bag to sit in the sand wit the hot sun beating down and drying out the leather!  lol!!!  I don't know, that's just my opinion, what do you think?

You can check out more of the collection here:


  1. I love here above that hand bad. It looking great. I am so excited for get more beach collection. It is one of the best collection.

  2. Lovely handbag, Which you share above. Every thing looking awesome. I am so impressed by that. Thanks for sharing such an excellent and beautiful handbags.

  3. Hey your collection is very nicely done. And thanks for giving me such a nice sharing of things.

  4. I love here above that hand bad. It looking great.


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